Campus Life is coming to Shepherd

July 24, 2023


An update from Ryan Grant:

Hello Campus Life Family! I’m so excited to share a ministry update with all of you! Over the past 18 years as a Campus Life Director, I have made a few shifts in ministry sites. It has been so great to see how God has led and moved in each of those sites! He is leading again for another shift in starting a new ministry location! That’s right! A new site means new opportunities for kids to get connected into this ministry, and have their lives forever changed by the love of Jesus Christ! So, this fall, Campus Life is heading to Shepherd High School! I will be spending my time pouring into this community; from sporting events to school lunches, building a ministry team, and investing into the lives of students in Shepherd.

Will you please pray for Shepherd Campus Life?

The need is no small task, but our God is big enough! We need a location to host Campus Life in Shepherd. Is there a barn, garage, living room, or building that would be a good fit for Campus Life? We need volunteers to help run Campus Life and invest in the lives of these students. We need snacks. We also need prayer over all of these things! Would you please join us in prayer over all of this? If you are able to help meet any of these needs, please reach out! I look forward to sharing with you all that God will do, and how He is going to move in Shepherd!